If you want to reach out for the customers, Facebook’s news feeds or Google’s search network are the places to be right now.

Facebook currently boasts over 2-3 billion monthly active users, making it a cradle for user activity. Similarly, Google Ads intrude upon the lives of billions of people each day.

The battle between Google Markreting and Facebook Marketing has been raging on forever it seems. it is nearly impossible to know clearly which will fit your business. Since both mediums are producing results for brands, you cannot afford the liberty to overlook one over the other.

These are the two questions start by asking yourself:

If your answer is generated lead or sales, it means that both the platforms are perfect for you.

If brand cognizance is your end game, Facebook is the medium for you.

If you want to sell products or services, both Google Adwords Marketing and Facebook Marketing can be your best tools.

If you’re serious about getting leads and knowing how Facebook Ads or Google Ads can help you turn visitors into leads.

How do Google Ads to get more leads?

An Interesting fact is that Google Display ad campaigns reach 80% of users. This is one of the best features of Google Adword Marketing.

It is not just about displaying ads, video-based content ads work as well. Which means there will more chances of being noticed by the user.

The average click-through-rate(CTR) on display ads is just 0.10%, So search network surely is the best place to start.

We start by locating the keywords which are related to your business, either by research or by using tools such as Google keyword planner.

This will give you more ideas on the focused keywords which are relevant to your business.

you’ll be able to achieve following By using Google ads:

The right way to advertise on Facebook

Facebook is one of the concept of Social Media Marketing (SEO) As you might have heard, Facebook advertising affords has some refined targeting options.

Not just that, there are tons of options for all the various campaigns.

Start by creating an audience based on your previous customers and sales records.

Images do create a strong impact

Images and pictures are responsible for 80 – 92% success on an ad campaign on the Facebook Ad campaign.

When you do correctly, images can say more than just words and incite the people into action. Even if you don’t want to struggle with graphic design or want to hire a good designer, you can make amazing designs on Canvas.

The ‘Facebook Ad template’ on Canvas consists of different templates which can help you create images in just seconds of time.

3 ways in which you can use Google Ads with Facebook Ads

In Digital Marketing Services It’s not always about Google Ads vs Facebook Ads; as they say, if you cannot beat them, join them. How about using both Google and Facebook together.

Use Google Ad data to focus people on Facebook

Get to know your target people or audience better by looking into your Google Ad campaign to your business. This real-time data lets see people who are really searching for your services or product.


To conclude it all. When it comes to Google Ads vs Facebook ads, it is not wise to prefer one over another. There is no competition at all with these two. You can use both and create a larger impact on your business.

Both Google and Facebook provide unique benefits for any business what-so-ever.

Each of the platforms can bring a transformed number of people on your website.

If you want people to buy from you, use the Facebook lookalike feature to gather the audience and use that data on Google ad campaign.If your goal is to create brand awareness start with Facebook.

Build awareness, create leads, and run Google Ads campaign.

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