Social Media represents a marketing opportunity that exceeds the traditional marketing techniques and connects companies directly with customers. Social media marketing is the new mantra for various brands since few years and digital marketers are taking the opportunity of different social media channels and started implementing new social initiatives at a higher rate than ever before.


Marketing company’s services, products through social Media has become a trend. This is why nearly every business on the planet right from giants like IBM, Starbucks to the local ice cream shop – are exploring social media initiatives.

What’s social media marketing to businesses today?

The explosion of social media phenomenon is mind blowing as that the growth pace of using these channels is maddening. Global companies have recognized social media marketing as a potential marketing platform, used them with innovations to power their advertising campaign with social media marketing.

CEO’s of various companies expressed their gratitude to social media as they are capable to enhance their business productivity, online visibility across the digital channels.

Social Media significance to companies:

“Now, somebody Googles a keyword. Then they click on a top ranking term like, ‘SEO Company.’ They read our blog and click around social media,” said John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility. “Then, they convert three weeks later after they feel comfortable with you.”

According to a research from Clutch and Ignite Visibility, social media marketing is the leading SEO Service priority in 2018. Over 90% of businesses that invest in SEO also invest in social media.

There are two benefits of social media that are important to businesses, they include:

  1. Cost reduction by decreasing staff time.
  2. Increase of probability of revenue generation.

Social media enables companies to:

Thus, the benefits of social media include:

Why businesses need to consider social media marketing services?

Size: Facebook has over 250 million users globally. On an average, 70-100 tweets happen by the second. An average user on Facebook has 120 friends. This is the kind of enormity Social networking sites espouse and with this comes the license to communicate powerfully.

Reach: Companies can make a global mark using the social networking sites.

Boost website traffic: Social media is one of the fastest and easiest means of redirecting traffic to company’s website.

Branding: Social media is a smart way to build brands. Social media platforms are known to be one of the most powerful and fast means of branding. Some of the big brands like Coke, Ford,


Whether you are a startup, an individual, small business or a large company, an online presence with your customers is a baseline requirement. Social media is one of the best choices to make your customers connected. Therefore, it is high time that every business adopts social media and takes it seriously.

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